Fleeing from the hustle and bustle of the forever-moving rat race, Rosalind, along with her cousinCelia must seek salvation in order to avoid the prospect of Rosalind being persecuted by her wrathful uncle. Finding themselves seeking refuge in an enchanted forest, what could possibly happen?

I felt the ensemble as per usual worked well together to bring the Shakespearean text alive. They opened the piece with a vibrant sequence of city life, which was repeated throughout the piece to break up the scenes. The staging was again in the round, which of course has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. I was really impressed with the scene whereby Rosalind and Celia read Orlando’s love notes on the various computer screens, which had been unveiled previously. This for me was a great updated way of representing the etched love notes you see written on trees. For me however, I found that the plot was confusing, and because of that I was missing out on a lot of the comedic moments. All in all I give As You Like it a 3/5.


Directed by Gavin Harrington-Odedra
Performed by Lazarus Theatre Company

Written by Theatrefullstop