I was lucky enough to catch a rehearsal of the up and coming performance of The Voyage last week and have to say that it most definitely is a spectacle to be reckoned with, and that’s just from witnessing an hour long rehearsal.

Directed by both Kevin Finnan, Artistic Director and co-founder of Motionhouse and Patrick Nolan, Artistic director of leading Australian physical theatre company Legs On The Wall, and produced by Stuart Griffiths from the Birmingham Hippodrome, The Voyage is set to open proceedings for the London 2012 Festival in the heart of Birmingham, Victoria Square. Set to explore various ideas us humans are confronted with, from departures and arrivals to hopes and fears as well as expectations and disappointments. Set to dazzle Victoria Square, Birmingham, The Voyage will amaze with the likes of professional dancers, aerialists, a huge amateur choir, live musicians as well as over 140 community performers to really bring the setting of the enormous ship alive. Stay tuned for my review of the actual performance of the voyage coming soon.

Dates & Time: Performances are at 10.00pm on Thursday 21, Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June 2012

Running Time: Each performance is approximately 45 minutes

Venue: Outdoor performance – outside Birmingham’s Town Hall, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B3 3AA

Tickets: The event is free


Written by Theatrefullstop