In conjunction with the London 2012 Festival, both Motionhouse and Legs On The Wall teamed up to create a piece in order to encapsulate the spirit of the up and coming Olympic games. The Voyage explores various themes from departures and arrivals to hopes and fears to expectations and disappointments…

There was certainly a buzz in the air as audience members questioned and awaited the goings on of an elaborate 3 tier ship that had been placed at Victoria Square’s centre. From the very moment I witnessed the tightrope artist make his very first footsteps on the wire, to say that there were butterflies in my stomach is an absolute understatement. Baring in mind that this thrilling opening sequence took place on the very top of the ship, I definitely knew I was in for quite the experience. This for me set the tone for an enthralling and engaging piece. A piece adamant in including the audience, it felt as if we were all passengers waiting to board a ship of new possibilities. Performances were happening in amongst the audience as we watched dancers perform exciting tricks and lifts.

There was definitely something for everyone whether it be from the aerialists, the beautiful contemporary dancing, the stunning voices of the community choir, to the live musicians or the stunning imagery projected onto the back drop of the Town Hall by Logela Multimedia. It was amazing to have had the opportunity to watch the rehearsal as well as the actual performance. It looked great in rehearsal but I have to say the actual performance was magical. To watch all of the components together was fantastic. There was something about having the audience engage with the various storylines and performances, there was that live feedback, the ummmss, the ahhhhs, as well as the rapturous applause that just made for a great environment. This for me was an absolute spectacle that I did not want to end. All in all, I give The Voyage 5/5.

The Voyage

Created by Motionhouse in collaboration with Legs On the Wall.

I also want to say a big thank you to the La Tour Hotel for arranging my night’s stay, the hotel was fantastic and the staff were great! Couldn’t recommend a better place.

Written by Theatrefullstop