Track 3 @ the Greenwich Theatre Review

A re-imagining of a 20th century classic, Track 3 takes inspiration from Chekhov’s naturalistic play, Three Sisters. Centred on the Prozorovs’, Track 3 focuses on the aspirational goals of Olga, Masha, Irina and their brother Andrei as the sisters yearn for their return to Moscow…

Track 3

Initially assuming that I would be watching a naturalistic piece of theatre, noticing three chairs centre stage with only a splash of light illuminating the set, I was left pleasantly surprised at just how farcical and energetic the piece was. The ensemble was lively, animated and engaging as they created a world full of vivid characters, from the innocent and naïve youngest sister Irina (Caitlyn Conlin) to the portrayal of oldest sister, Olga, (Kendra Chell), the protective mother hen. Masha (Dylan Jones), the second oldest sister, displayed a strength and steeliness in character whilst Andrei (Mark Skeens) the only brother within the family was displayed with a sense of normality, as if to serve as the only naturalistic character within the piece.

track a

Natasha (Elizabeth Vital), Andrei’s fiery and spoilt wife created moments of comedy with her over the top strops and tantrums, as she began her tyrannical campaign to become matriarch of the Prozorov household. A vibrant, vivacious and absurd piece of drama with a fun combination of physical theatre, dance, comic timing and a barber shop quartet to add into the mix, Track 3 gets a 4/5 from me.

Performed by Theatre Movement Bazaar

Performances from 27th-31st August, 7:30pm

For more information on Theatre Movement Bazaar, visit their website

Written by Theatrefullstop