Cuckoo @ The Unicorn Theatre Review

Rebellion, angst and heartbreak are all typical teenage phases. For Jenny and Nadine, it’s no different as the two outsiders strike an unlikely friendship…

Left Eden Howard (Jenny) Right Kate Lassman-Long (Nadine) Photograph By Manuel Harlan

© Manuel Harlan

A modern tale of friendship, love and family break downs, Suhayla El-Bushra‘s play Cuckoo offers an observation into the perceptions of certain behaviour and how society perceives this. Having left her family home due to continual disputes, straight talking Nadine, played by Kate Lassman-Long, finds herself seeking sanctuary at Jenny’s house, the sensible one of the two, played by Eden Howard. However, the family dynamic suddenly shifts, as Jenny’s mother, Erica appears to prioritise Nadine over her own daughter.The blossoming friendship between the opposing personalities, as the streetwise and brash Nadine introduces the usually quiet and less confident Jenny to her first drink, cigarette as well as teaching her a dance move or too is the most relatable element of the piece. Sarah Malin‘s Erica serves as the comic relief, an Earth Mother, Hippy figure intent on being called by her first name as a means to not be defined as a Mother. The dynamic of Jenny and Nadine’s friendship gave both actresses the opportunity to showcase the three dimensional characters, especially in the case of Nadine. It was great to see behind the wild child facade, as she let her guard down around Jenny. A piece looking at acceptance, influence and perceptions, the piece by the end was slightly slow in pace. 3/5

Left Kate Lassman-Long (Nadine) Right Sarah Malin (Erica) Background Eden Howard (Jenny) Photograph by Manuel Harlan

© Manuel Harlan

Cuckoo is currently showing at The Unicorn Theatre until 25th January, for more info click here…

Written by Theatrefullstop