Fireside Tales With Granddad @ Little Angel Theatre Review

Fireside Tales with Granddad is a fantastic production for children of all ages, with its relatable concept and humorous audience interactions. This is the perfect play for all families to enjoy together – especially if you have particularly loud children!


This performance is not only interactive, but is also extremely visually engaging for all audiences, with new characters constantly appearing on stage, sets quite literally popping out of suitcases, and a large magical tent that holds something new every time it’s opened. With only a limited amount of props – such as an orange bucket, a fishing line, and a suitcase that when opened becomes a marvellous garden of Sea anemones – the audience is still constantly surprised and delighted by the ingenious uses for them all.

The character of Granddad begins the play whilst everyone is still trying to find their seats, snoring loudly under his blanket, causing the room to be filled with laughter before the lights even come up. The interactive level of the play is fantastic as Granddad continues to talk to and question the audience throughout, and tests their imaginations by asking them things like, “what do you think I should wish for with my magic coin?” Not one child kept their hand down, and even adults began to shout out answers!

If you are looking for something interesting and new to entertain and occupy the kids this summer (that you can enjoy as well) then Fireside Tales with Granddad is definitely your solution; get comfortable as you journey with Granddad and Ted into his memories of gardening Mermaids, racing sea dragons, hungry sharks, tiny wives, giant underpants, baking trolls, sneaky princes, adventurous princess and a wishing well.

With wonderful puppets and enchanting shadow puppetry, mixed with charming storytelling and Panto style audience interactions, these fireside tales will really spark your imagination, whilst the intimate setting of the Little Angel Theatre emphasizes the comfy feel of the play.

The play lasts for 45 minutes, and in that time there is never a dull moment! One of the most standout moments was definitely when Granddad recalled his time as a “professional sewer” (as one little member of the audience called it) and had the feat of making a pair of giant underpants – even the word underpants will be sure to throw every child into a fit of giggles! 4/5

Review written by Kitty Harper.

Fireside Tales with Grandad is currently showing at the Little Angel Theatre until Sunday 6th July. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop