Dad Dancing @ The Battersea Arts Centre Review

Dad Dancing before you even step foot inside the theatre is a charming concept. Three contemporary dancers have made a dance show with their fathers…who are definitely not contemporary dancer . The show opens up the discussion of what it means to be a father and celebrates the diverse range of relationships fathers have with their children. This is made even more universal by the participants (fathers, daughters and sons) from the local community who are the supporting cast of this show.

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There is range of motifs in the show discussing different topics from the loss of love ones, to age and my personal highlight is a solo dance from each of the fathers. This show doesn’t only celebrate fatherhood but also dance in whatever form your body is capable. Seeing non trained dancers on stage using their bodies to express their emotions has an honest power to it that is often lost in very technical displays. There was also a good use of placards, voice over and skype from one of the fathers who could not be present for the performance I attended due to work commitments.

Some of the longer dance improvs towards the end are a bit self-indulgent and exclude the audience however this would be my only critique of the show. I feel it really achieves all the aims it sets out to do in an open and informal style. It also has had an obvious positive effect on the members of the local community, who have participated. It would be impossible to walk away from this show without taking time to reflect on your own relationship with your father and being emotionally effected by the relationships you’ve seen on stage. 4/5

Review written by Lucy Bishop.

Dad Dancing is currently showing at the Battersea Arts centre until Saturday 15th November. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop