Founder of Gandini Juggling, Sean Gandini speaks to Theatrefullstop ahead of next year's London International Mime Festival about new show, 4×4!

Sean Gandini

Long before the invention of the all powerful television and the influential internet, juggling amazed and entertained the likes of the rich and powerful in courtyards to the working classes in street fairs and market places. An art form fusing enviable skill and charisma, there’s no wonder it has captured the imaginations of on lookers for centuries. Cue the 21st century, and the much celebrated Sean Gandini marries the marvel of juggling with the complicated nature of mathematics. Ahead of his company, ‘Gandini Juggling’ premiering their new piece ‘4 x 4′ at the ‘London International Mime Festival 2015′, I was able to speak to the company director about performing in over 4500 shows, celebrating 22 years with the company and who he is looking forward to watching at next year’s festival!

Hi Sean, your performance company ‘Gandini Juggling’ are set to premiere their latest work, ‘4 x 4′ at next year’s London International Mime Festival, how are you feeling ahead of the first show?

I am very excited and inevitably nervous. We have tried something very different from the last few shows so will be curious to see how the audience responds.

Could you explain what the performance is about?
The performance looks at the common places, the intersections between Ballet and Juggling. They are both ephemeral space/time art forms, culturally so different.
Could you describe the rehearsal process for the show?

We are on the final few weeks. We do ballet class in the morning and then do a combination of reviving sections and finish some other sections. We have four very good jugglers and four very good dancers. A lot of the piece is set to Nimrod Borenstien‘s music and I am spoilt from having choreographer, Ludovic Ondiviella who is an ex Royal Ballet dancer, and an Artistic co-ordinator Emma Lister who is also a very good Ballerina. Some of pieces have a complex mathematic backbone, and need some intense concentration to realise.

Will you be watching any of the other performances at LIMF? If so, who are you looking forward to watching?
I am looking forward to Knights of the Invisible. There are many treats.
Gandini Juggling was founded in 1992 with fellow performer, gymnast Kah Yla-Hokkala, what inspired the creation of the company?
We were interested in seeing if juggling could be used in different ways. Initially very interested in its relationship with dance, ironically we are returning to this now!
The company in its 22 year career has performed over 4500 shows and toured internationally. As the director of the company, would you have ever imagined how successful the company would become?
No I would say the amount of shows we have done has exceeded our expectations! But in some ways I feel like we are just beginning.
What inspired you to train as a juggler?
I was always obsessive about practice. I used to practice magic tricks as a kid. When I discovered juggling I became addicted. Initially to the physical side of it, and then to its aesthetic potential.
What advice would you give to aspiring circus performers?
Think out of the box. Practice practice practice.

Interview by Lucy Basaba.
Gandini Juggling will premiere their new piece, 4×4 at the London International Mime Festival 2015 from Tuesday 13th January. For more information on the production, visit here…
Written by Theatrefullstop