Un Cas De Nostalgie @ The Mimetic Festival Review

Pi the Mime artist is looking for love. So much so that he travels the world and gets to know people from all over hoping for love and eventually finding it, kind of. There are two kind‘s of shows that excel in The Vaults; moody and atmospheric ones and ones jam packed with spontaneity due to the constant noise of the venue. Un Cas De Nostalgie is very much in the second camp, and some of the greatest moments in the show were spontaneous reactions to the venue.

Un Cas De Nostalgie

As the mime artist travels around the world he meets a geisha, a stripper and an amish girl (I think) and in turn falls for each of them. As well as becoming them and bringing the audience on stage to help with the performance. The Geisha stands out in terms of imagination in staging but even she doesn’t match the staggeringly funny climax, where a choice is made in the most imaginative of ways.

What elevates the show is its musicality. Almost the whole event is set to music, sometimes for effect and occasionally becoming a character. On top of the music came the constant rumbling of Waterloo Station and a very loud show next door. At the best of times such interruptions would be unnoticed, or annoying. Pi on the other hand turns them into gags, some of the funniest in the play. Stagecraft at its finest.

This show mixes musicality, miming and clowning expertly. It ties together sketches and jokes with a heartwarming story and in the midst of it a talented performer. It was in its element at this festival but I am confident it will adapt to each space it’s placed it. A grand night out. 4/5

Review written by Ingimar Sverrisson.

Un Cas De Nostalgie is currently showing at the Mimetic Festival at The Vaults until Saturday 29th November. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop