London Cabaret Awards 2015!

I felt so lucky to be invited to the London Cabaret Awards – what a night! Stunning costumes, fantastic acts and lots of naughty comedy. Held at the plush nightclub, Cafe de Paris and hosted by the brutally witty Myra DuBois.

London Cabaret Awards

This was a wildly glamorous crowd: top hats, handmade costumes and furs filled the fabulous surroundings and yet this is certainly not a community purely concerned with the superficial. I was struck by what a welcoming, beautiful community of people doing what they love in a wonderful city. The London cabaret scene has recently come under threat due to the closure of some venues in the last year, however the talent, enthusiasm and commitment to come out of this community is still as strong as ever.

I was thrilled to meet cabaret artists like Jo King but the highlight was the delectable Bettsie Bon Bon in a stunning burlesque act.  The London Cabaret Awards showcased the astounding variety and quality of the cabaret scene in London and I would urge you all out there to scratch the surface of our fabulous city and enjoy what lies beneath.

Written by Emily Channon.

The London Cabaret Awards was on Monday 9th March 2015. For more information on this year’s nominations and winners, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop