D’apres une histoire vraie @ Sadler’sWells Review

Unfortunately Christian Rizzo’s d’apres une histoire vraie is not a performance to write home about. The dance, if you can really call it that, does not surprise, engage or grab the audience’s attention whatsoever. Possibly due to it being very internal and closed off from the world (or stage space) around it, or simply just too abstract for people to understand.

D’apres une histoire vraie

The movements performed by the dancers are supported throughout by large steel drums, which on a positive note brings a bit of energy to a mostly drab atmosphere. The space itself is plain and stripped back, therefore drawing your attention closer to what is transpiring on stage. However, with the dancers not bringing any kind of excitement to proceedings it makes the whole piece bland and quite frankly boring.

Audience members are texting, yawning and at some points leaving during the piece, moments of which I experience as well. I would definitely not recommend this work. The first half consists of the cast bobbing up and down on the spot for several minutes, followed by intertwining movements as a group, which seems a bit random and a tad confusing. Finally ending with each dancer performing a solo, gradually building into an almost ‘machine like’ huddle at the end. There is no sense of drama, and even less emotion. Leaving you empty inside and easily distracted from start to the bitter end. 1/5

Review written by Luke Redhead.

D’apres une histoire vraie was shown at Sadler’s Wells on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th November. For more information on Christian Rizzo, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop