Murmur 2.0 @ The Place Dance Theatre Review

Imaginatively presented for The Place Dance Theatre stage, Aakash Odedra Company excites and engages in an enlightening visual production, of Murmur 2.0.

Aakash Odedra Company

This production denotes an essence of the creatively inceptive, alluding to a set of drapes, a vast amount of paper and several static ‘blowing’ fans. Aakash Odedra, otherwise titled the performer entertains with his culturally diverse dance spirit, delving into rhythmic sequences that are both unique and distinctive to the piece. Engaging audience members with his creatively choreographed dance routines and embodiment, this production certainly does not lack passion.

Murmur 2.0 is a production that delves into the idea of warped and exaggerated realities, focussing on the social construct of dyslexia. Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Aakash found conventional education very challenging. As written language was so alien, dance became his preferred mode of expression, offering a stimulus that is undeniably true and pure. In collaboration with , the company explores the misconceptions of dyslexia, demonstrating visual design, light, sound and movement.

Throughout the production there is a sense of cultural diversity. Aakash pushes the boundaries of narrative dance style using a movement vocabulary which blends contemporary dance, Kathak and Bharatanatyam. This brings a sense of originality to the piece, developing an intellect of individuality. There are moments within the piece that present truly challenging dance movements, in which many appear painful, awkward and unbelievably executed. The choreography is fast paced, stimulating but often weak in narrative. Within the piece there is a deficiency of connection both emotionally and visually.

This production is entirely visual; a dramatic device employed by Aakash is the use of multimedia formulating in varied dimensions. There are projections, sound effects, inclusion of objects, and lighting effects. This sense of multimedia is often an overwhelming factor within the production; its sense of dictatorship towards the performance is never ending, losing both a sense of narrative and characterisation, as a result. Although it appears as an enhancement towards the action, the use of multimedia can become a hindrance to the development of the piece therefore restricting the audience’s connectivity towards the narrative. However, the multimedia within the production is innovative, visually striking and dynamic; it is unique and presents allusions I have never observed before. I believe that if struck right the balance between narrative and multimedia would be beautiful.

As Murmur 2.0 is a show about creativity, expression and challenge, the atmosphere at first is inquisitive and upbeat, however this later develops into a sense of frustration, overcome within an expressive outburst of imagination. Whilst watching the production it is evident there is a definite sense of ownership played out by Aakash, demonstrating an undeniable passion for the construct, naturalism and themes of the piece. This production is self defined, unique and independent from any assumptions. It is a production of awe striking imagery, visual representation and unique choreography. I leave the production inspired by the use of multimedia effects, questioning ‘what is the right balance of narrative construction and multimedia?’ 2.5/5

Review written by Meg Mattravers.

Murmur 2.0 was shown at The Place from Friday 20th until Saturday 21st November. For more information on the Aakash Odedra Company, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop