The Prime of Ms David Hoyle @ The Chelsea Theatre (SACRED Festival) Review

“We are gathered here, communally, to be educated, to enter into pedagogy and this here is a two way street”. This is a show of introduction, education and instruction, where a political ideology, queer perspective and gender transcendence is encouraged. Within this production, Ms David Hoyle invites you to decide whether you will grow up to be a suburban housewife or the crème de la crème. It is an education, not worth missing…


Ms David Hoyle has entered the prime of life and invites you to take nourishment in these fruits. This is an evening of thrilling pedagogy, where the themes of truth, beauty, art, charisma, discipline, team spirit, fascism, and common sense are explored. This inclusive production is filled with laughter, amusement and exploration as you watch within the bar setting, appropriate to any classroom, I think not. Within this production there is a unique ability to converse with the star, enabling audience interaction, pedagogy of inclusion whilst sharing words and stories from our school years. As part of the Sacred festival, this show is appropriately challenging, relatable and all-encompassing.

Ms David Hoyle, engages and amuses with a loving notion of individuality (not narcissism), acceptance and self-expression. David, engages audience members with an enduring somewhat absurdist sense of self, exploring an ideology of performance, teacher narrative and queer perspective. The role of educator is ironic in characterisation and captivating to watch. David offers a heightened interpretation of an educator, far reaching the extremes of assumption and stereotype. Hoyle is enduring, addictive and mesmerising, bringing an essence of indoctrination to the role of educator, repeating phrases, mantras and motto’s that I am still repeating today.

This production is entirely immersive with each audience member engaging with the production in a relatable yet diverse way. Watching this production, it becomes evident that characteristically this performance is entertaining, stimulating and engaging. However, there are many interpretative connections of development, that often appear alienating to many audience members. It is prevalent that within the show there is a focus on underlying themes and connotations, reflecting a negative attitude towards the current education, political and individuality system. I question how clear this is made to the audience members, often leaving loose ends within the production.

The Prime of Ms David Hoyle is a show about interaction, school experiences and the transcendence of education; it is relatable to a wide audience demographic. Within the production there is a connotation of a multitude of themes which include love, self-development, education, identity and growth. These are all explored within a two act production, just enough time for you to grab another ‘G and T’. This production gives the audience a real sense of enlightenment, not only through the construct of education but also performer, spectator relationship. Whilst watching the production it is evident that there is a real sense of care and thought for all audience members, presenting a real sense of inclusion for individuals.

This production is truly unique in concept and construction; it is a production that is accessible even though its main focus is through a political eye. It is a production where often the guise of performance might drop but you will always be engaged by a sense of characterisation and entertainment. The Prime of Ms David Hoyle is a production of colour, communal thinking and diversity. It expresses the ideology of ‘love is all’ featuring a hint of indoctrination, as I personally am still repeating many of the phrases. The production is engaging, charming and inspiring, with a sense of self- definition. I leave the production reflecting on my own education, and the impact that had on myself as an individual. 3.5/5

Review written by Meg Mattravers.

The Prime of Ms David Hoyle was shown at the Chelsea Theatre from Friday 20th until Saturday 21st November as part of this year’s SACRED Festival. For more information on David Hoyle, visit here…



Written by Theatrefullstop