A Classical Selection @ The Coliseum Review

A night of stunning classical ballet from around the world, Carlos Acosta: A Classical Selection is an elegant work of artistry. Clear and refined the selection highlights just how talented a dancer Acosta was, and still is today. Known worldwide for his unique style and grace as a dancer Acosta leaves you feeling every speck of emotion when he is up on stage.

Carlos Acosta

The performance is divided into individual parts based on a select number of captivating solos, passionate duets and colourful group numbers that define how classical ballet has evolved over the years. The Dying Swan, an all-time favourite and deeply popular dance, is a definite stand out of the night. Reflecting the beauty and purity of a creature facing the fear and horrors of death itself. A slight oxymoron, but one that seems to possess audiences from start to finish.

Another element of interest has to be the incorporation of Spanish flamenco feeding through a lot of the second half of the production. Bodies are strong, forceful and totally engaged. Yet, at the same time, soft, light and effortless. A defining moment being Acosta appearing on stage as a deranged drunk after Yuhui Choe‘s quite frankly gracious solo combination. His movements bring together a creative mix of theatrical comedy and delicate balletic steps to form what can only be described as a joy to watch on behalf of the audience.

An important aspect of the performance, that adds a real sophisticated atmosphere to proceedings, has to be the ENO Orchestra. The way the tone and gentle nature of the music merges with the dancer’s intricate movements is a match made in artistic heaven. Especially that is, during the final number entitled Majisimo. Bright, breezy and a delight to watch this piece teleports you to the royal courts at the height of the Italian Renaissance, and yet has a rawness to it, making Acosta’s work so vibrant and gripping.

This performance at The London Coliseum will leave you feeling relaxed, cultured and above all else mesmerised. Within such a historical building, silk red curtain and all, seeing such a polished and period like performance leaves one feeling elated and taken back in time. Carlos Acosta is a truly exciting dancer to watch perform and any opportunity to do so should be grasped with both hands. 3.5/5

Review written by Luke Redhead.

Carlos Acosta: A Classical Selection was shown at the London Coliseum from Tuesday 8th until Sunday 13th December. For more information on Carlos Acosta, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop