Dot Dot Dot @ Lilian Baylis (Sadler’s Wells) Review

Dot, Dot, Dot is a dance company made up of Magdalena Mannion, Yinka Esi Graves and Noemi Luz. This talented dance trio explore the layers of culture shaping our lives encapsulating a life journey through the art form of dance.

There are three main dance segments each choreographed by one of the dancers which are interspersed with recorded thoughts about their shoes played as snippets throughout.

My initial view is that Dot, Dot, Dot would be a Spanish flamenco Riverdance equivalent. However, what greets me is a quiet room layered with taps, claps and poetry combined culminating in exquisite voice and stage presence.

Whilst there is definitely scope to optimise on the costumes and set design which is minimal, the talented trio and a varied interactive evening in which the audience can participate with music, dance and spoken word makes up for it.

Overall, Dot, Dot, Dot offers an enjoyable evening where tradition and contemporary styles interweave to produce a memorable show.

Review written by Jay Pereira.

Dot Dot Dot was shown at the Lilian Baylis Studio from Thursday 26th until Friday 27th May. For more information on Dot Dot Dot, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop