Here All Night @ The Print Room (Beckett in London) Review

Here All Night is a glorious affair whilst remaining at all times understated in its approach. Interweaving spoken word, singing and an orchestra this production exhibits Beckett’s music and words in a fascinating manner.

Samuel Beckett

The set is intriguingly minimalist, with a mould of a man suspended invisibly from the ceiling. Whilst the two performers Conor Lovett and Melanie Pappenheim wander the stage in a calm way, delivering short bursts of song or speech in turn. Melanie’s songs and singing are complemented by the orchestra, especially the piano which plays out like a Kubric thriller at points, chilling but quirky. She is a mysterious character, enigmatic in her expression and thoroughly fascinating. Similarly, Conor’s monologues are lucid and peculiar all at once. For example when he trails off a sentence by concluding this sentence should end, Beckett was extremely astute in breaking down walls in prose and Conor’s delivery shows this off with calm panache. The three musicians on stage are a fantastic composition in the performance and brought at times an electrifying element to the show.

An unexpected surprise of the evening is the launch party for the Beckett festival at The Print Room occurring post-show. The Irish ambassador, Dan Mulhall aptly states in his speech that you may ask why the launch party is being held during the middle of the festival, there is no particular reason however no doubt Beckett would have approved. 4.5/5

Review written by Prerna Prasad.

Here All Night is currently showing at the The Print Room until Sunday 5th June as part of this year’s Beckett in London Festival. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop