Co-founders of PlatformPlug talk to Theatrefullstop about the new event service!

Wayne and Daniel

PlatformPlug is the new secure performer and events service bookings site. Co-founders Wayne and Daniel talk briefly about the service.

What inspired you to create a company like this?

Daniel: I was an events organiser and encountered many issues around finding performers and event services, securely paying for them and working out who the reliable ones are. I found that the issues I was facing were shared by other event organisers and people around me who wanted a DJ for their birthday or magician for their work do. We all know the performers are out there! The company was created to match performers & event services with organisers.
How does the service work?

Wayne: Performers and event services sign up for free and gain bookings with secure payment. Organisers can find, book and enjoy performers and event services.

How do you decide what performers & event services make the website?

Wayne: Performers and event services can join the site by clicking the Sign Up button from the homepage.
It’s as simple as that.


Who is on the Platform Plug team?

Daniel: Wayne and I. He focuses on creative and operations. While I focus on IT.

Wayne: Yes, I work harder than him (Daniel laughs).


How long has PlatformPlug been offering this service?

Wayne: The site launched in November, however we have been matching performers & event services with organisers way before that.


As a start up, have you faced any challenges when creating the business?

Daniel: Yes. The toughest has been time. Choosing what the priorities are each stage.

Wayne: Daniel is my toughest challenge (laugh).


What are your plans for PlatformPlug in the future?

Daniel: To go abroad with it. I love travelling!


What advice would you give to anyone looking to create a business within the arts?

Wayne: Be a solution to something.


Questions by Lucy Basaba.

To find out more about Platform Plug, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop