Made-Staged Reading @ The Southbank Centre (Alchemy Festival 2017) Review

Target Theatre Company work with emerging artists and communities across the UK. They encourage a range of opportunities to get involved through open rehearsals, workshops, pre and post show talks and digital broadcasts. On this occasion, they have supported their associate artist Ikhtisad Ahmed of his work in development Made.

Courtesy of Mark Douet. Conceived by Brett Lee Roberts Ikhtisad Ahmed Contributing Artists Sushil Chudasama Leesa Gazi Shama Rahman Sarah Sayeed Director: Brett Lee Roberts Writer: Ikhtisad Ahmed Creative Producer: Mikey Cook

Courtesy of Mark Douet.

It is a great opportunity to have an open reading at this stage of development, as it has been a work in process for 2 years. The writing is truthful, honest and brings to life real characters.

“Bangladesh makes clothes for everyone, if it wasn’t for us they’d be naked”.
The play is set in Bangladesh, 2017. Four women struggle to survive in the slums around Dhaka’s garments factories. Day-in day-out these mothers, sisters and daughters sweat behind machines, making clothes destined for glitzy department stores and high streets of the West. In the face of severe exploitation and poverty, can there be a future worth fighting for in a country that clothes us?
Ahmed puts the spotlight on the factory workers of Bangladesh and highlights the important issue that they trade all around the world and get paid the least. The West still profits from the slave trade of the East. The sad fact that these factory workers couldn’t even afford to live in the slum is just heart breaking to watch. Through these deeply horrific conditions they fight for justice and fair trade.

The beginning drags which leads to the running time of 1 hour and 40 mins. Leesa Gazi plays a believable Aunty and Sushil Chudasama picks up the energy as Ali. Moshana Khan keeps it consistent as the lead activist Nibha and some heated scenes between her and Ali keep the momentum of the play up. Sharma Rahman plays Morjina and Deeivya Meir plays Shilpi, both have really engaging moments with the characters.
Made is an important piece of work and I hope the Southbank supports Target through this work in progress as it still needs guidance from a well-established venue. Looking forward to the tour which is yet to be announced.

Review written by Jessica Andrade.

A staged reading of Made was shown at the Southbank Centre on Wednesday 24th May 2017. To find out more about Target Theatre Company, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop