A Song for Ella Grey @ The Northern Stage Theatre Review

A story about the ultimate young spirit of teenage years, which promises nothing but freedom and unadulterated love… Unfortunately, as all bright things, sometimes life is destined to evanesce too soon. But can a love so strong survive through death? And can a single song bring the loved one from the Underworld?


This is what A song for Ella Grey questions and promises to answer, with every detail beautifully shaped by the Northern Stage director Lorne Campbell, it will surely take you on a journey over various locations and bring you back to the ancient times of Orpheus and Eurydice.

A non-pretentious, but very expressive play about love and despair, which grasps one’s attention entirely by the vivid visual representations, a result of the highly successful collaboration with Young Company, a chorus of over 100 adolescents from the North East. The events are retold by Ella Grey’s best friend – Claire, who has lived through all the twists and turns of juvenility with Ella, and now is torn by the loss, but still so passionate in the way she speaks about life and nature.

And what a better idea to reflect love and tragedy than performing one of the key scenes in complete darkness – very frightful and wondrous at the same time. The haunting sound effects solely build up on the atmosphere, making it feel almost tangible. The added screen scenes and the multiple Northern references make one smile and almost laugh, before realising how fragile happiness has occurred to be for these characters.

The play also stands out with acting so natural, accompanied by a language rather strong, for all the good reasons – every word spoken is heartfelt, deep and genuine as teenage souls inherently are. The best that one can do is simply enter the hall with all senses thirsty and open to embrace that staggering experience! 4/5

Review written by Yoana Cholteeva.

A Song for Ella Grey is currently showing until Saturday 16th September 2017 at the Northern Stage Theatre. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop