Seatplan Review

We’re incredibly lucky in the UK in that we have a wealth of choice when it comes to shows that are on offer. The purchasing of tickets, or the researching of the latest shows have been made that much easier by the various ticket buying websites available. Seatplan’s accessible website allows for customers to pick from various cities – London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Milton Keynes, therefore the emphasis is not only placed on the capital’s selection of shows.


Seatplan is great to use, whether you are sure as to what you’d like to watch or not. Filters allow for you to select a particular month you’d like to watch a show, a choose one of the following genres – musicals, entertainment, plays and dance. Once you’ve clicked on your show of choice, you are directed to an official booking website to find out further info, or begin with your ticket order. You’re directed within a matter of seconds, which makes the booking process efficient. Seatplan acts as an archive, a library of the latest shows, therefore reducing the amount of research needed by clicking googling individual shows.

Theatregoers are also invited to leave reviews of shows on the site, a facet that I’m sure many customers would appreciate as this helps customers make their final choices. Reviewers are invited to star out of five, their thoughts on comfort, legroom and view – all things that enhance the theatre going experience. This section of the site is very useful as it remembers that going to the theatre is an experience, and one to be enjoyed.

Seatplan’s layout also makes it incredibly easy to access, all shows in each city are on the one page. This again limits the amount of time scouring the web for shows. A search bar on the top left also helps with the researching process, particularly if you are aware of the show you’d like to purchase tickets for already. There’s also chances to enter ticket giveaways, and if you contribute reviews and images of the theatre space visited, you’ll earn yourself £10 theatre token, so Seatplan celebrate the theatre going experience!

Written by Lucy Basaba.

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