Education, Education, Education @ The ADC Theatre (Corpus Playroom) Review

Welcome to class and welcome back to 1997. A nostalgic trip to a time that promised change with Blairs declaration of Education, Education, Education. Find your tamagotchi, fangirl over Take That and dig out those baggy jeans, Wardrobe Ensemble bring you the nineties.


Its muck-up day at Wordsworth Comprehensive school, resulting in pupil freedom and staff meltdown. Miss Belltop-Doyle can’t control her year 10s, Mr Pashley has been put in charge of a confiscated tamagotchi and Miss Turner is hoping that this muck-up day goes smoother than the last. But, inevitably it doesnt, in fact things could not get any worse. With the expectation of a united government and Labour leadership, the school is in a haze of dreams but the reality of special measures and the question of ever getting out is doubtful.

Wardrobe Ensemble, an innovative company to look out for, allow Cambridge students to take on their award-winning script. Intricate and complex, we move through the events of one day with distinct characterisation and the feeling of raiding a dressing up box. Revealing an unaffected honesty in the clarity of the writing and humorous from a place of respect rather than cliché, Education, Education, Education is a tour de force.

The stillness of German teacher Tobias is perfectly juxtaposed against the stress of everyone around him.  An outsider looking into and through the chaos but an eternal anchor for the audience, clutching his cup with the poise of a mindful presence. This cast bring bundles of energy and their physical dedication to the performance is striking. They move through the action with confidence and their own personalities extend into the humour of the piece.

This show has been born out of personal experience and you can tell that even this cast find it funny, they believe in it and that is so important. This cast carry the baton of Wardrobe Ensembles Fringe winning show and I leave the theatre excited by the prospect of more Ensemble devising, enabling a contemporary political forum which can be performed by all. 4/5

Written by Megan Mattravers

Education, Education, Education is currently showing at the ADC Theatre until Saturday 23rd June 2018. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop