Creation (Short Film) Review

We’re all familiar with the biblical tale of Adam and Eve; the first human beings to inhabit the Earth and reside in the Garden of Eden. A creation myth that has inspired many, its moral compass lay in the fact that consequences are embedded within the actions we decide to carry out daily and in turn, having to live by the choices we’ve made.


Taking on the renowned tale in his short film Creation, Ruggero Dalla Santa writes and directs a thoughtful meditation on what the perfect relationship looks like. Guided by Benjamin Coulter’s Adam, Creation follows his pursuit to build his ideal reality. With only a laptop in tow, Adam becomes the architect of his life, typing in online entries that in actuality, become his truth. Through trial and error, Adam learns that his entries lack detail, this in turn dictating the level of detail he adds to further entries. Early interactions with Sian Altman’s Eve offer subtle moments of comedy, there’s a sense of self deprecation and Adam being the underdog that gives Creation its light hearted edge.

Echoes of Spike Jonze’s Her and our online dating era run throughout the film, the idea of algorithms acting as a genie in a magical lamp, miraculously granting our heart’s very desires a sign of our technological times. Creationis minimal yet fun in concept, we’re left wondering how Adam and Eve’s artificial beginnings will end up; will they genuinely fall in love, or will everything fall to pieces? A film I’d love to see turned into a feature.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Creation will be available to watch on Wednesday 1st January 2020.

Written by Theatrefullstop