O’DD @ Assembly Festival’s Digital Season (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021) Review

Experimental and experiential in concept, Race Horse Company’s O’DD takes us all on an intergalactic journey across time, space and matter, a magical show, hypnotic in its design.

A dynamic duo consisting of circus artist Rauli Dahlberg and sound artist Miro Mantere, both prove that anything is possible in this new frontier established, Mantere’s beautiful, nuanced, ethereal cosmic soundscape an enchanting part of the performance, Dahlberg’s seemingly improvised essence a fun, playful element of the show.

O’DD’s ultra-physical circus approach heightens the show’s magical feel, an added element of invincibility dominating the show as Dahlberg shape shifts from human, to an unidentified alien-type form, to various other manifestations. Revolutions, tumbles, flips Dahlberg’s means of communication to us throughout, effortlessly showcasing his skillset and ability as we explore the world around him as he does, experimentation with form and texture, from spinning on a turntable stage centre – the dimly lit staging at this point creating a striking visual of Dahlberg spinning, as his shadow revolves like propellers on a aeroplane, to bouncing on a a velvety, silky, bubble-like landscape – the visual at this point mesmerising to a jelly-fish like entity wrapped around him at this point just adding to the show’s quirky, versatile atmosphere.

O’DD is a bold, innovative addition to the sci-fi theatre genre, fearless.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

O’DD is currently showing until Monday 30th August 2021 as part of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe on demand. To find out more about the production, visit here… 

Written by Theatrefullstop