Invisible Me @ The New Wimbledon Theatre Studio Review

Finding connection, whether on a friendship or romantic level, is an important aspect of our lives, these connections shaping our day to day. Placing a focus on this, from the perspective of three single leads having just celebrated their 60ths, Invisible Me gives voice to viewpoints seldom heard.

Post Covid, a year where increased cases of loneliness and isolation were evident, dating within this time period was challenging, online forms of connecting the closest thing we would have had to fostering connection. Invisible Me is an honest, unfiltered continuation of the dating world post lockdown, a show about self worth, as well as self-discovery – although a show about navigating finding a partner, a celebration about “the rite of passage of turning 60.”

Bren Gosling writes a piece filled with authenticity, Debbie Christie’s Lynn, a cleaner, Andrew Fettes’ Alec, a cab driver and Philip Gill’s Jack, a HIV positive widower all given their deserved time and space to speak their truths, anecdotal monologues entertainingly interweaving one another’s, each of the trio in their own worlds, yet working in harmony with one another. Gosling taps observingly into the idea of being ‘invisible’, and what this means for each character, something not commonly discussed yet fascinating to hear about – opening up conversation.  Su Gilroy’s direction is receptive to this, the evening embedded with a lovely sense of ensemble as well as highlighting each character’s stories.

The evening feels like a sharing, a heart to heart delving into the cast’s lives prior to now. We witness their pain, and how the past has impacted them today, but we also celebrate the lighter moments, the show also not afraid to delve into the topic of sexuality and what this means for each character. Relationships are complex, and Invisible Me captures that reality well from the perspective of singletons.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Invisible Me is currently showing until Saturday 11th September 2021 at the New Wimbledon Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop