LA CLIQUE @ Leicester Square Spiegeltent Review

With Christmas just upon the horizon, the festive season offers us a chance to celebrate the end of the year with a foray of magical events. Closing the year with an ensemble of incredible circus talent, LA CLIQUE presents displays of strength, stamina and fearlessness – awe inspiring acts that add a dash of sparkle to the West End’s Spiegeltent space.

The evening slickly hosts a polished line up of artists, Hugo Desmerais entrances with his aerial cage routine, a real test of power and resilience, Desmerais capturing the imagination. LJ Marles’ takes to the tension straps with an empowered, daring aerial routine full of grace. Mirko Köckenberger showcases his strength and agility with his bell boy/Grand Budapest Hotel inspired hand balancing sequence before showcasing a comical, upbeat quick change routine alongside fellow performer Yodeling Craig Reid, displaying his versatility and adding to an already established atmosphere of fun. Yodeling Craig Reid/the Incredible Hula Boy, is a marvel with his dynamic hula hoop act, effortlessly rotating multiple hoops simultaneously.

Heather Holliday amazes with both her bold sword swallowing and fire breathing routines, both a real test of bravery and daring, burlesque showgirl J’aiMime amuses with her human puppetry act, a clever segment witnessing J’aiMime take on both roles of a couple on an evening out with a sense of flirtatious fun before performing her alternative routine, where she morphs into a giant pink bubble, balloon-like, adding a sense of wonder! The evening’s revelling in magic and fantasy wonderfully realised. We celebrate the cast’s strength, drive and creativity  – a lovely welcome back to festive theatre. A collection of performances brought together beautifully, the evening is a celebration of the ensemble, the house band – La Clique Palais Orkestra, a vibrant, integral part of the evening giving the show its pulse, enriching the Spiegeltent with an upbeat energy, saxophonist Leo P dominating the stage mid way through with a fiery, soulful solo piece. An entertaining night out!

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

LA CLIQUE is currently showing until Saturday 8th January 2022 to find out more about the production, visit here…

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Written by Theatrefullstop