The Loaf of Bread @ Hens and Chickens Theatre Review

Based in post WWII Germany, Das Brot is a stark commentary on the scarcity of food experienced during this time of upheaval, the piece driven by experiences of dictatorship and contributing heavily to the Trümmerliteratur movement. Inspired by the influential work, writer and performer Alan Booty presents The Loaf of Bread, an intimate observation of a working class couple trying to get by and understand one another.

What we take for granted now, The Loaf of Bread thoughtfully connects us back to a pivotal moment post conflict, whereby a generation were tasked with the rebuild of a nation and the lack thereof, of resources. Hermann (Alan Booty) and Martha (Joanna Karlsson) a long standing married couple forced to get by on only a loaf of bread unsure of when or if they’ll ever experience a warm hearty meal again. Their unbreakable bond playing out in the early hours of the morning as hunger and fascination incentivise both to visit their kitchen, where a solitary half loaf of bread awaits.

Booty’s script is compact, contained, intricate – the loaf of bread a central piece and subtle symbol of endurance, scarcity and… the kitchen table the impetus for philosophical and emotive conversations drawing on memories of family and childhood. Hermann’s constant questioning of why both are up at this particular time delving into the past as they are both comical yet endearing. The production an evaluation of what matters most to both on a personal, yet wider level – a subtle yet bold observation on what is, and what the future could possibly be.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

The Loaf od Bread is currently showing until Saturday 14th May at the Hen and Chicken Pub Theatre, to find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop