Zach Zucker: Spectacular Industry Showcase @ Soho Theatre Review

The ultimate dream for many performers, making it into Hollywood can be an arduous feat. The journey towards achieving that sometimes unreachable goal, dependent on your route, consisting in a series of actions including drama school training, showcases, agent searches, getting headshots, editing showreels, self tapes with the hopes of this all paving the path for that perfect role. A playful observation of this pursuit and how this plays out for one out of many performers, Zach Zucker presents Zach Zucker: Spectacular Industry Showcase, a comical hour celebrating the craft of performance and self expression.

Armoured with an unwavering American enthusiasm, Zach Zucker, accompanied by pianist Lucas Tamaren, delivers perhaps one of the most entertaining, or in his words ‘spectacular’ actors’ showcases out there! Self penned songs bordering on the ridiculous that immediately set the evening’s humorous tone, we’re gifted with the performer’s ‘range’. A Spanish heartthrob, a rapper, his secret weapon – his ‘real persona’, a Brit and unapologetic politician all show off Zach’s intuitive ability to source out the laughter in everyone of those situations, each character, let alone minute, drawing us ever deeper into the showcase’s odd world.

Dressed in a spangly open buttoned blouse and flowing white trousers to match, Zach is most definitely dressed for the occasion! A moment that could indeed shape his life for the better, this showcase delivers on the entertainment front, audience interaction pitched perfectly, and adding brilliantly to the evening. Every detail of the showcase meticulously thought out, no laugh wasted. I’m giggling throughout which is testament to Zach’s comic timing.

For those outside of entertainment who enjoy watching a come up story, this is for you. For many of us who have trained and have perhaps chased the dream or still do, Zach gets the experience wonderfully. A must watch!

Written by Lucy Basaba.

Zach Zucker: Spectacular Industry Showcase is currently showing until Saturday 21st January 2023 at Soho Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop