General Secretary @ The Cage (Vault Festival 2023) Review

Being tasked with the running of a nation is no mean feat, taking on the responsibility of a premiership, one not be taken lightly! I’m sure we all have ideas as to how to run society in ways beneficial to the many, agendas that’ll move the world forward for the better. Picture, however, waking up and assuming your day will be yet another typical one, only to find out that the premiership has been bestowed onto you, and that you’ve now become your nation’s lead. Taking on this year’s Vault Festival at the Cage venue, Thick ‘N’ Fast present General Secretary.

A frivolous hour, comic duo Cassie Symes and Georgina Thomas very slowly career a glittering opportunity into a catastrophic one, the pair plummeting their nation into irreparable decline – with not much standing on how to resurrect it. In amongst their appointment, drawing up a manifesto, delivering said manifesto, delivering poorly on said manifesto, colourful interactions with global powers and the constant scrutiny faced from the public, fellow leaders and the media – the web tied by the two makes for very comical viewing.

Symes and Thomas are aware of the obvious global reach a scenario such as this would have, their ability to switch from joint General Secretaries, stoic news reporters to right wing gilet wearing pro-Americans showcasing their scope and imagination to take on various roles, and fearlessness when it comes to not taking themselves at all seriously. General Secretary beams most in its unexpected moments, jokes that bookend segments hitting the mark. A show that borders on the ridiculous and absurd – much like our current times.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

General Secretary was shown from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th February at the Cage/The Vaults as part of this year’s Vault Festival. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop