The Weatherman @ The Mimetic Festival Review

Kiki Lovechild is an amazing clown. That might be a strange compliment, but I dare you to watch his hour long exploration of the after life and not feel better about being alive. In fact, if the afterlife is as much fun as Kiki‘s show, I am giving up any fear of death here and now.


The play starts with Kiki dying (rather clumsily) and ends with him rewriting his own life. During his time in purgatory he takes a job as a weatherman, mostly dealing out rain, unless that was a metaphor I missed.

The show is carried by Kiki‘s joy of discovering the various aspects of the afterlife. A trusty Weather-O-Matic, coats become his companions or foam airplanes. It’s never complicated but Kiki‘s enthusiasm and stage craft makes the audience forget itself in laughter.

The humour is both based in the use of funny props and physical storytelling that Kiki brings to the table. What sets his show apart is the quality of his audience interactions. Twice during the show I thought that the audience member was a plant, that‘s how good they were.

There is also something a little bit deeper then just fun and laughter going on. Whoever this clown is, he makes the best of his situation. Although he is occasionally sad, it lasts around the amount of time it takes him to notice something new, rarely long on the heavily propped stage. It’s non-sensical,  it’s fun and it will create shed tears of laughter. Go see it unless you have a phobia of audience interaction! 4/5

Review written by Ingimar Sverrisson.

The Weatherman was on at the Mimetic Festival from Thursday 20th-Friday 21st November. For more information on this year’s festival, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop