Artistic Director of The Vaults, Kieron Vanstone talks about his time at the venue so far!

The Vaults in the past 3 years has built up a reputation for staging unusual, immersive and daring works. The subterranean space, located beneath Waterloo station has been a talking point, an exciting cultural hub staging the works of the voices of tomorrow. This however couldn’t happen without the vision of Kieron Vanstone, Artistic Director of The Vaults. Expect even more exciting work from the venue in 2017, and read on to find out more about the venue’s goings on.

You’ve been at the Vaults for nearly 4 years now and have transformed the once disused arches into something of a cultural hub. How does it feel to have supported many artists and to have created such a unique atmosphere?


It’s great to support artists and their work in such a unique space. You forget you’re in London when you come underground in The Vaults which is a reason I was drawn to it. It’s another world, an escape. Having so many artists, events and exhibitions created here in under 4 years is brilliant, especially when you receive so much positive support.
The Vaults is currently home to The Dance Before Christmas for 2 weekends (10th and 17th Dec). Can you explain what happens at this event?

The Dance Before Christmas is the party to bring out your inner christmas spirit. There’s live music, drink and a lot of dancing. Want to know more? Purchase a ticket and join us on the dance floor…

The Vaults is renowned for staging bold and unique shows, having welcomed a variety of popular shows from Les Enfant Terribles critically acclaimed Alice in Wonderland and Vault’s Pick of the Year, To Skin a Cat written by Isley Lynn. How do you decide what shows are programmed?

When it comes to Vault Festival, the programming is completely out of our hands as it’s run by another company. However, we get requests from companies to use our space, if we feel it fits The Vaults then we take it further. Also, if we like a piece/ an artist we approach it/them and try to get them in our space to create. 

Next January to March marks the return of the much loved Vaults Festival. What can audiences expect from the festival?

The audience can expect an underground world with weekly different themes, late nights, early mornings and fantastic fringe theatre.

In terms of staging the festival, what are the main challenges?

As we don’t run the festival it’s mostly out of our hands. We’re there mainly, for extra help and to experience the festival. 

What other events/shows can audiences expect from the venue next year?

We are booked up till October due to Alice’s Adventures Underground, Adventures in Wonderland, The Significant Other Festival and different piece’s in our theatre. Big and bold pieces are taking toll in 2017.

What advice would you give to performers looking to submit a show to prospective Vaults festivals?
To work hard at selling your show aka, good marketing and to work bloody hard. Don’t give up. Keep going.

Questions by Lucy Basaba.

To find out more about The Vaults, visit here…
Written by Theatrefullstop