Dreamgirls @ The Savoy Theatre Review

Four decades after opening on Broadway, Dreamgirls has finally come to London. This highly anticipated revival depends entirely on finding not just an exceptionally talented, convincing vocalist but a powerhouse star to play Effie: they certainly found that in Amber Riley.


Loosely based on Diana Ross and the Supremes’ ascent to stardom; Dreamgirls spans thirteen years of love, loss and betrayal. The number ‘Steppin’ to the Bad Side’ is dazzling and Adam J Bernard (Jimmy Early) is scene stealing: flamboyant, with a beautiful voice.

The set is smart and innovative whilst unobtrusive, negotiating the difficulty of a musical where there are band performances onstage within the show. One highlight is the addition of Listen, from the 2006 movie, rewritten as a duet for Deena and Effie to empower Deena to become independent from her controlling husband/manager. There are high expectations for this production but Dreamgirls certainly delivers – a brilliant show!

Review written by Emily Channon.

Dreamgirls is currently showing at the Savoy Theatre until Saturday 21st October. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop