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Independent theatre criticism and journalism is on the rise, and with it, is highlighting a range of fresh voices from both a critical and dramaturgical point of view. Last year, founders Laura Kressly (The Play’s The Thing UK blog) and Katharine Kavanagh (The Circus Diaries Blog) founded the Network of Independent Critics, offering the opportunity for bloggers/vloggers and website owners to visit the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Travel costs and accommodation attribute to the majority of costs whilst there, and this therefore makes it quite difficult for independent reviewers to visit, therefore potentially missing out on a wealth of cultural content for their sites.


Courtesy of Network of Independent Critics

Kressly and Kavanagh supported a selection of independent reviewers last year, supplying cheap accommodation for writers to immerse themselves within the the festival’s cultural goings ons and discuss their thoughts on the latest shows. Theatre reviewing can often be solitary, and NIC have realised this by helping to bring a range of minds together to talk and write about theatre.

The duo look to offer this brilliant opportunity again, and are currently looking for current applicants to help support this year. If you’d like the opportunity to join a network of talented theatre reviewers and take part in an initiative positively shaping our theatrical landscape at present, send an email to and you’ll be sent an application form and further information on the opportunity. Good luck!

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Written by Theatrefullstop