Continuity @ Finborough Theatre Review

Divided Politically into the Republic of Ireland (Southern state of Ireland) and Northern Ireland over 90 years ago, both nations have since witnessed decades of political unrest. As a result, this divide has resulted in the formation of various political ideologies, one of which being that of Irish Republicanism (the belief that Ireland should be an independent republic). Delving into this ideology, Gerry Moynihan‘s Continuity depicts an Irish republican’s fight for The Cause.


Pádraig Devlin has spent his life fighting for The Cause; he lives and breathes The Cause and wants nothing more than for Ireland to one day unite. Anyone that appears to stand in the way of this, or betrays the ideology in any way is to be dealt with. Moynihan is careful not to make Pádraig solely a voice driven by his political standing, although that is indeed an integral part of him, the piece doesn’t come across preachy. Day to day scenarios present themselves, whether it’s a drink at the pub, or an interrogation the next, it’s as if Pádraig invites us to delve into his way of thinking.

Paul Kennedy charms the audience, he embodies an authenticity bridging the gap between a stage show and reality. Breaking the fourth wall he’ll occasionally deliver lines to the audience, emulating his ideology of uniting a nation rather than dividing it. Kennedy delivers Moynihan’s anecdotal script with ease, especially moments of humour and defiance, demanding the attention of all throughout the show. Distracted by a love interest, this impacts on his ability to separate emotion from fighting for freedom, offering an opportunity for complexity with this protagonist. This level of complexity is only partially realised and demands for greater nuance from the protagonist.

This one man show questions loyalties, ideologies and relationships. Shane Dempsey directs a defiant production, a protagonist proud yet clouded by various exterior factors. 3.5/5

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Continuity is currently showing at the Finborough Theatre until Tuesday 15th August 2017. For more information on the production, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop