Above and Beyond @ Northern Stage Theatre Review

Above and Beyond is a fun-filled interactive family show. Aimed at 5-11 year olds, it is all about the children getting involved.

Courtesy of Northern Stage Theatre.

Courtesy of Northern Stage Theatre.

The audience are immediately made aware of the relaxed setting, we are invited to take off our shoes as we enter the stage and to sit in a circle.

The session involves varied performances by Bare Toe’d Dance Company’s aerial dancers. They also perform live music as part of the routines. Their skills and ability are impressively displayed. The performances are short and sweet which is very appropriate for the age of the audience.

The activities include a trapeze, handstands and doing tricks with ropes and harnesses. There are also some cameras set up for the children to be able to control. Each time the performances stop to allow time for the children to have a go, there are immediately queues at each station. The dancers deal with all of the children really well to make sure they are having a good time and are safe when they are doing the activities.

One of the organisers films the activities throughout the session. He compiles his shots into a short video that is incorporated into the final performance from the dancers and finishes the session off really nicely. This is a great showcase for Bare Toe’d Dance Company and a fun day out for families.

Review written by Laura Purvis.

Above and Beyond was shown from Thursday 26th until Friday 27th October 2017 at the Northern Stage Theatre. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop