Superposition| Thursday 9th to Friday 10th November | Stratford Circus Arts Centre

From Thursday 9th to Friday 10th November, Chanje Kunda will bring her latest show, Superposition to Stratford Circus Arts Centre. A one woman show exploring female eroticism, a fusion of movement and poetry looks to challenge the commodification of women’s eroticism.

Courtesy of Stratford Circus Arts Centre.

Courtesy of Stratford Circus Arts Centre.

BBC Verb New Voices Award winner Poet and performance artist Chanje Kunda tells us more about Superposition.

You’re currently touring your latest piece, Superposition and will be performing at Stratford Circus Arts Centre from 9th-10th Nov. How are you feeling ahead of the show?
I am excited to be bringing the show to London. The premire at the Lowry in Salford’s Media City was a big deal for me. Bringing it to Stratford Circus is even more exciting as London is the Big Smoke for us Manchurians.
What has the response been towards Superposition so far?
I have had great responses and lots of media attention for the show. At a time when sexual exploitation has been exposed in the media industry, a show about a female sexual empowerment is something that is definitely needed.
Superposition is a one woman show looking to celebrate female eroticism, what inspired you to create a piece on this topic?
Well as a feminist, we are often encouraged to espouse the idea that we are not our bodies, that our minds and talents are what is improtant. This is true, but our bodies are celestial bodies and something that we ought to be able to enjoy and celebrate and also have power ownership and pride over.  I am interested in exploring how we can elevate and celebrate our own selves as sentient, intelligent and spectacular beings encased in a miraculous physical form.
Science will also play an integral role in the show, how did you approach creating the show?
I interviewed a particle physicist at UCL and one at Manchester University. I also did a lot of reading around particle physics and astrophysics. I discovered a lot of wonderful things and tried to use these findings to create new ways of encouraging the honouring and celebration of female sensuality. I tried to do this in an empowering way. Lines from the play such as “The sun is a flaming cocktail of Hydrogen, literally too hot to handle, hot enough to melt any landing probe… I have the same fire in me” illustrate what I am trying to achieve.
What would you like for audiences to take away from the show?
I would like the audience to take away from the show that they are a celestial being with billions of particles shimmering within then like an ocean of stars in a barred spiral galaxy.
You’re the winner of BBC’s Verb New Voices Award, which led to you producing Superposition. How did it feel to win the award?
I’m not religious. I don’t go to church. But I was like ‘Praise God. It’s a Miracle’ ‘The Universe is Working’
Questions by Lucy Basaba.

Superposition will be showing from Thursday 9th until Friday 10th November at Stratford Circus Arts Centre. To find out more about the production, visit here…


Superposition Tour Dates:

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Tue 14 – Wed 15 Nov


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