Knot @ The Place Theatre (CircusFest 2018) Review

Celebrating the world of modern circus with a diverse range of performances, CircusFest 2018 is not something you want to miss and after a day of lazy sunshine, why not get your blood pumping with some hand to hand acrobatics (don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you start cartwheeling around!), by watching an acrobatic duo such as Nikki and JD performing Knot at The Place.


Opening the show by addressing the audience is always a risk, especially when the actors begin to talk about themselves, but for Nikki and JD this risk pays off. They are as confident delivering the text as they are performing acrobatics, and this puts us at ease immediately.

Comedy is a big element during this performance, I believe the text would be rather corny without this sprinkling of humour throughout. They have obviously rehearsed and rehearsed the show (you don’t get muscles like that without putting in the work!) yet they have given the dialogue this organic, almost improvised, feeling, as though this is a first and only performance of Knot.

The physical strength of these two performers amaze me, it allows the movement to seem effortless and fluid. Several shockingly impressive moves seem to just come out of nowhere (Safe to say they receive a few well earned gasps from the audience… including myself, of course). The way in which they remain connected to each other, and constantly open and focused, pulls the audience into their world and has us believing in every little story they tell through the movement.

Apart from the acrobatic skill, this duet tell a story. Not the soppy lovey dovey story we are purposely led to expect, but instead a beautifully unique and honest relationship built on understanding and a whole lot of trust (Really not sure I would trust anyone to fling me 3 feet into the air and catch me with my head that close to the floor… but you know, each to their own). This plot twist changes the dynamic of the movement for the audience, it is refreshing to continue watching with a new concept in mind.

Nikki and JD are two confident, capable, incredibly strong performers and this funny, truthful, original show Knot should definitely be on your watch list for CircusFest this year.

Review written by Lauren Maxwell.

Knot was shown from Tuesday 17th until Wednesday 18th April 2018 at The Place as part of CircusFest 2018. To find out more about the production, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop