Director Josie Daxter talks about the PappyShow’s production ‘GIRLS’ showing at the New Diorama Theatre

Our life experiences shape who we are and how we observe and connect with the world, stories of womanhood evermore important to share and to continue conversations about. Exploring the experiences of seven women in their latest show GIRLS, The PappyShow return with an inter-generational cast, spanning the ages of 17 to 70, to bravely highlight their own stories via movement, dance and song. Ahead of the show playing at the New Diorama Theatre, Director and Associate Artist of The PappyShow Josie Daxter tells us more about what to expect!

The PappyShow will debut their show GIRLS at the New Diorama Theatre in 17 August. How are you feeling ahead of the show?

I feel incredibly privileged to have dived back into a rehearsal room with this amazing team! It’s been such a joy to hear the stories of our cast and to work with the creative team to bring them to life on stage. We are so excited to share what we have made with an audience.

GIRLS is an exploration of womanhood, sharing the cast’s, aged between 17 to 70, stories and lived experiences. What inspired the cast to explore their own personal stories further?

On our first day we each shared why we were drawn to making this show, now. Everyone had their own reasons, but there was a shared desire to take stock, to reflect and to question who or what made us the women we are. There was also a sense of urgency and a determination to set the record straight, to give voice to unheard experiences, to confront and challenge ourselves and our audience with the reality of what it feels like to be a woman today.

How have the team approached creating the show?

We play games, we share stories, we find ways of embodying those stories through movement and dance and song. Every morning would start with a check in and often the stories for the day’s work would emerge immediately. We would warm up together and start to find physical ways of interpreting or exploring particular aspects of our womanhood. We looked back to our youth as a way of noticing where we are right now – the journey we have been on. We have devised the show together from our explorations – stitching our experiences together to create a piece that reflects where this collective of women are at right now.

What have you learned/taken away from creating the show?

I’ve learned how to hula hoop!

What can audiences expect from the show?

Generous, wholehearted performances from an amazing ensemble of women who will have you laughing, crying and dancing in your seat.

What would you like for audiences to take away from the show?

To feel like they have really got to know each woman in the cast and therefore to be inspired to get to know all the women in their lives that bit better.

Questions by Lucy Basaba.

GIRLS will show from Tuesday 17th until Saturday 21st August 2021 at the New Diorama Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop