W.A.Y (RE-WORK) @ The Place (A Festival of Korean Dance) Review

A celebration of our individualism, contrasted with the need to be a part of something far greater, Sum Im Her‘s W.A.Y (Rework), brought back to The Place Theatre after it’s original outing in 2019 explores these facets of humanity further.

A collective, connected experience from the start, the ensemble, consisting of Martha Gardner, Yanki Yau, Iris Chan and the show’s choreographer Sung Im Her channel our human need for togetherness. Upon entering the bold, white, expansive space, we see all four dancers intently waiting for the performance to begin. Scattered about the stage in various positions, the troupe skilfully change their stances without speech. A beautiful visual representation of the domino effect, and how each of their own individual actions impact one another. The intricacy here demonstrated throughout the show, a lovely feature.

Sung Im Her’s formations are striking, the ensemble transitioning between vertical and diagonal formations as they walk purposefully across the stage, swiveling repetitively creating wonderful circular motions, strutting as if on a catwalk embracing their femininity and strength and performing synchronised segments whilst communicating to one another with smiles on their faces. We gauge a sense of unity amongst the cast and this is uplifting, any break within their established chain heightening any moment of individuality further. Married with Husk Husk‘s invigorating composition and live music, the show’s vibrant, repetitive nature makes for a mesmerising evening. The show’s vibrant costume design a stand out of the evening, a colourful, confident world created.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

W.A.Y (RE-WORK) was shown from Friday 17th to Saturday 18th at The Place Theatre as part of their A Festival of Korean Dance 2021. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop