VAULT Festival left without a home for future festivals Following its triumphant return for the first time since the pandemic

Following its triumphant return for the first time since the pandemic, VAULT Festival, the UK’s leading festival of live performance, has been advised by its venue-landlord, The Vaults, that it must find a new home for future festivals.

VAULT Festival, run by not-for-profit charity VAULT Creative Arts, had repeatedly sought a long-term commitment from The Vaults, but the venue is instead looking at other more commercial projects which leaves VAULT Festival without a home for 2024 and beyond.
Having run in the then-derelict tunnels in Waterloo since 2012, VAULT Festival has helped build the reputation of The Vaults over the past 11 years by bringing over 3,000 bold and brilliant shows to more than 400,000 audience members. VAULT Festival is recognised for being vitally important to the health and vibrance of the live performance landscape of the UK, has helped launch the careers of thousands of underrepresented artists, who otherwise may not have had access to creative opportunities, and has had a significant positive impact on local businesses. This decision is a significant threat to VAULT Festival’s survival and the wider creative industry.

Director and Co-Founder Andy George says, The response to the return of VAULT Festival in 2023 has been incredible. Over the past three years, as we’ve battled to survive through cancellations, postponements and a pandemic, it’s become extremely clear that the creative industry needs VAULT Festival to thrive and the artists we champion need VAULT Festival to springboard their careers. This devastating blow comes after three of the harshest and hardest years of the festival’s life; but we’re determined to make sure this isn’t the end. We can only survive if we receive support, and I’m asking for your help. Help us make this the end of a chapter, not the end of VAULT Festival. Help us save VAULT!

In order to continue its support of independent live performance artists from underrepresented backgrounds, VAULT Festival has launched a #SaveVAULT fundraising campaign with the goal to raise £150,000 by the end of 2023’s festival on 19th March. The funds raised will support the organisation’s survival during this period of significant transition, be allocated to the cost of finding and securing a new home for the festival, and once found, help make that new home accessible to all. Donations can be contributed here. All financial support offered will be invested into doing everything the festival organisers can to make the spirit and mission of VAULT Festival continue.

In order to save the festival’s future, VAULT Festival is also beginning the search for a new home for its 2024 festival and beyond. To find and secure a new home, VAULT Festival are making an urgent call to any individuals or organisations that may have access to large (20,000+ sq ft) spaces or multi- space venues in the wider London area to come forward. The festival team is open to any and all potential avenues even if spaces do not fit this brief exactly. People are asked to come forward and make themselves known via

The 2023 Festival currently taking place in venues across Waterloo and South Bank until 19th March won’t be affected by today’s announcement and all shows in 2023’s festival will be completed as planned.

Whilst the future of VAULT Festival has been dealt this significant blow, VAULT Festival are asking audiences and artists to simply come down and enjoy the 2023 festival whilst they can. Running every Tuesday-Sunday until 19th March, people can support VAULT Festival and its amazing artists by coming to see shows, buying drinks, buying merchandise, becoming a member, bringing friends, and coming back time and time again. More than 4,000 independent artists are bringing bold and original work to VAULT Festival 2023, and with no guarantee what the future holds, now is the time to visit VAULT Festival and celebrate the joy of more than a decade of incredible live performance. Join VAULT Festival in the mission to #SaveVAULT!

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Written by Theatrefullstop