Dream Sequence (Cambridge Footlights International Show) @ The ADC Theatre Review

With a history of accolade and alumni, Cambridge Footlights brings with it great expectations and this is promised in its International Show. In prime, Dream Sequence is a sketch show, hilarious, farcical and extremely amusing, it displays a wide range of skits. Ever wondered if Voldemort prank called Professor Snape, or what actually occurs in a political boardroom or the idea that ‘Desert Island Discs’ might actually be a true fate? Weaving from moment to moment, the absurdity grows but the connection remains nonexistent.

Courtesy of ADC Theatre.

Courtesy of ADC Theatre.

Dream Sequence the 2017 International Show, promises to explore the sleeping state, but with no clear theme or thread this show is flawed by its eclectic nature in suspension of any pinned down story. With a broad title, it is evident that the writers, creators and performers of Dream Sequence have a huge scope for writing material, exploring real and virtual worlds.


However, connecting all of the sketches should include some form of transition or related material, whether that be the absurd dreams of human beings through a dialogue joining therapist and patient.
Nevertheless, with credible writing and energetic performances the audience are engaged throughout. Audience participation is cleverly weaved into the action and creates the comedy venue atmosphere, fitting for the material performed. Highlights of the show include ‘Desert Island Discs’ , ‘Train Advert’ transition, ‘Warm Paper’ sketch and ‘Sports Miming’. With a range of themes and politically charged sketches, the writing covers all bases and presents something for everyone.
The performance features technical effects throughout, including the use of voice over, music, stylistic lighting and minimalistic set. Costumes are a significant part of the action, specifically in the ‘Kate Bush’ number, which strangely resembles the cabaret act performed by artist ‘Fagulous’.


With the audience laughing throughout, the success of this show solely depends on its audience demographic, which in many cases is its local student base. Appropriated material therefore is a winner and in many cases the story or through line will not be looked for, because the intended response of laughing is achieved. Internationally touring two continents, it will be interesting to hear the responses from around the world. Touring the UK including Edinburgh and then transferring to America, the Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show is the biggest show of the year. Unexpected, unpredictable and eclectic Dream Sequence will make you laugh, but I leave the production contemplating all possible methods of connecting the sketches together. 3.5/5

Review written by Meg Mattravers.

Dream Seuence is currently showing at The ADC Theatre until Saturday 24th June 2017. For more information not the production, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop